Topical Patches

What are Topical Patches?

Topical patches are typically designed to deliver the desired substance to a single localized site. Traditional uses include the alleviation of pain and inflammation of specific joints and/or muscles. The primary benefit is derived from the fact that the topical patch is applied directly to the area of concern as differentiated from more traditional delivery methods such as pills and capsules which are intended for delivery throughout the body.

Similar to transdermal patches, topical patches typically contain a polymeric adhesive matrix, containing the drug substance and sandwiched between a backing film and a release liner.


Topical patches are developed to deliver drugs to a local site of action and can be used for certain disease conditions with major advantages over other drug delivery appraches such as oral or traditional topical forms like gels or creams.

Medications delivered via the topical route offer a whole host of benefits listed below.

    Many patients struggle with oral drug administration. Some risk vomiting, while others find swallowing pills a near-impossible task. Consequently, if an orally administered drug not tolerated, this reduces a drug’s effectiveness, prolonging the ailment. This problem is the most common for infants or young children who are not used to swallowing pills.
    Parents often find it difficult to get their children to take medication. Commonly, that results in wasted doses and slower recovery times. By using a topical medication, parents may be able to avoid these problems and help their children feel better more quickly.
    Different individuals absorb medication at different rates and have different diets. Oral medications can cause a variety of digestive side effects. The patients who experience these often unpleasant side effects may opt to terminate their medication. A topical drug delivery system overcomes that limitation, improving the patient’s outcome.
    The medication administered through pills or injections can easily be abused. Drug abuse by patients is far too common, especially with pain medications. Such abuse can lead to addiction. Such abuse can lead to addiction. Patches, ointments or creams are harder to abuse and less likely to be abused.
    Topical products are easy to administer and work for a longer period of time than other dosage forms. Some people are afraid of injections or of swallowing tablets, but few are fearful of rubbing an ointment into their skin. For that reason, doctors find it easier to encourage their patients to take their medication while using a topical drug delivery system.
    Patients may choose to remove the patch at their convenience if negative effects are experienced.

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The Difference Between Topical and Transdermal patches

Topical and transdermal patches are physically similar. Both comprise a polymeric adhesive along the drug/substance intended for delivery and excipients as needed. The difference between a topical and a transdermal patch lies in the site of action. Topical patches are designed with the physical placement of the patch in mind, with an emphasis on localized delivery whereas transdermal patches are designed with the goal of maximizing delivery of the product into the bloodstream to be delivered throughout the body. As a result, topical patches are designed to be used to alleviate localized conditions.

Custom made

Topical patches can be developed to treat a broad spectrum of therapeutic conditions, including localized pain, skin irritation and a wide array of skin conditions.

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