About Transdermal Patches

Pocono Pharmaceutical is a contract manufacturer and consultant for matrix coated products, Topicals and cosmetic’s.

Products are made in-house using coating, slitting, printing, and packaging processes in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment for clients seeking to test or launch new coated products. Base material is a plastic polyolefin film with acrylic polymer adhesive. Flexo printed and thermochromic finishes are also available. Products may be cut 1.25″ to 14.5″ wide, with complete orders distributed in sheet or roll form. 

Pocono Pharmaceutical does not actively participate in the regulatory process for our clients however customers can be referred to 4P Therapeutics for these services. Pocono Pharmaceutical is predominantly a contract manufacturer for 3rd parties and does not produce or market any products in house.

Thanks to intensive quality inspection at every level of the creation process, Pocono Pharmaceutical is able to provide safe and effective products according to exact customer requirements. Large to small orders are possible on lead times of four to six weeks. See the table below for more service info, and contact Pocono Pharmaceutical today to start a discussion about our coated product capabilities.

How Pocono Pharma can Help

Pocono Pharmaceutical can help you evaluating if your compound is a good candidate for Topical or transdermal applications. This will include the review of some key physico-chemical characteristics of your molecule and the conduct of initial in vitro and ex vivo permeation studies.


At Pocono Pharmaceutical, a division of Nutriband Inc. we pride ourselves in innovation and forward thinking. We ensure the delivery of tailored products and solutions designed to meet our partners needs. To find out more, or to enquire about our partnership options, please use the Request a Quote function below.

The power of partnerships.

We believe that success comes from close collaborations and shared visions to develop innovative products for patients and customers. Contact us today to learn more